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Friday, October 22, 2004

What a boring life

My fucking exams are in freaking 13 days time counting today as well. Everyday some boozo will ask me " So Sam, how's the preparations for exams? Doing well?" Well, what do you expect me to reply? Give a thumbs up and say "Groovy"?

Nah, my mum always tell me never to lie.And being the good obedient daughter that I am, I don't.Except in cases where it is to my best interest to, for example lying to my folks to get more money or lying to get out of an appointment that I do not want to.

Its always better to tell your friend, "Erm, hey sorry I'm too busy at the moment." while surfing the net aimlessly searching intelligent crap to read than "Hey, sorry I'm just not in the mood to put up with you, you boring unintelligent piece of human trash." .. in a nicer way of course.

Ah hah, I know what are you thinking right now, "Oh my GOd, Sam's such a MEAN BITCH!!! Shit, you mean the last time when she said that she's too busy because she was helping this grandma cross the road but because she bound her feet and am really really obese so her ant-like feet can't really support her elephant-like body is false?How can I be so fucking NAIVE?!?!? Fuck! I think I have no courage to live on decently as a normal human being anymore!".. and hurl yourself headfirst down a 20 storey building while doing a few somersaults because you want to show off that you can(you egotistical brainless loveable ass) before you smash your head into the pavement and splattering brain juices everywhere (not that they are valuable anyway) on the innocent passerbys making them feel bloody irritated because this means that they have to go home and change.

Come on, at least wait till the pavement's deserted and tie yourself up in a sack first so at least all the cleaners need to do is to drag the sack away instead of scrapping your body bits off the streets.


Hmm.. I wonder, how would I look like if I turn butch? Since my bloody friends always ask me whether I'll turn fucking lesbian maybe I'll just cut off all my hair, buy a leather jacket, a breast binder ... hell I'll just borrow one from Veron my gd friend who is a butch (she's very pretty too btw) and find myself a girlfriend to have sex with me during Christmas.

What will you wish for if you can get one wish ?
If I can get a wish, I'll wish that I'll turn into a handsome guy, I'll have a penis for a week, no make that a month just to get into the male psyche.

..oh yeah...and have sex with a few girls at the same time as well. Hah!


Hmm, I think it's time that I start making a list of all the things that I want to do before I turn old and croak. Maybe I'll write that tomorrow.

Freak, its 3pm.. need to go pretend study while idly dreaming of a glorious future ahead.


Blogger Guoqiang said...

Finally I see something new on your blog, after so many days. Well, you're not the only one who was asked whether studies have been fine and all that revision shit, I've been asked EVERYDAY, and it's really irritating. I think I've not been studying hard enough, despite staying at home most of the time.

I'm impressed by your skill of scolding people, it flows very well when I was reading it, next time must teach me k? Haha... Anyway, it has been quite some times since I see you, hope you have been well and do remember to call when you are free or bored.

Last but not least, how's your studies going on? (I can imagine your face, muahahaha...)

10:39 PM  

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