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Sunday, December 12, 2004

In Short, the trip to Desaru was Fantastic

Hiya folks!!!

I'm BACK!!!!

To sum it all up, it has been a delightful week that has passed by too fast where the main activies are Tanning, Eating and Mahjong.


10am: Brrrrrr... I am so cold! Arrgghh... urrghh.. my gawd..throat urts.....arrgghh...rain... why??? ..want to tan....

2pm: Fuck.. food is awful what the fuck is this? Thought tea tarik will be fantastic in Malaysia.. even worse than that diluted drain water like tea I drank at this forgettable chinese kopitiam which by now think will be long closed down already. Oh gawd.. still drizzling and there's nothing to do.. even the water sports section is closed down due to monsoon season..What are we doing after lunch? Relax? Relax? How? Here? What can we do to relax? Just sit? Like this? And..?!?!!

Beach looks good though..cute guy on beach (surfer) informs me the drizzling weather has been thus for past 2 days... *sigh*

3pm: Alrighty..thank God Fabian bought his card mahjong.
Mahjong! Mahjong! Mahjong!

6.30pm: Took hotel transport to nearby town for dinner...why are almost all the shops closed? Fuck this is boring... I'm not used to this kind of relaxation! Relaxation is sitting at starbucks staring at cuties! Relaxation is reading a book at night! Relaxation is going shopping with plenty of blue notes in my wallet!

Relaxation is NOT walking around at snail pace with simply nothing to do!!!! AHHHH!!!

I hate it here.

7pm: I LOVE it here!!!
Omigod the food here is sooooo GOOOOOOOOOD..... ahhhhhh... the chicken meatloaf.. the chap chai..the nasi goreng ikan billis... yes yes yes !!Ahhhhhh......

9am: Breakfast buffet: passable because feeling hungry..otherwise by my usual standard, a.w.f.u.l...the sun's out!!!! Yippe!!!! where's my new orange bikini?

5.30pm: Yeah! I see the beginning of a wonderful tan.Goal: get tanned by end of trip.

7pm: Back in small town.. omigod the seafood at Jun's (this small seafood kopitiam) is simply MARVELLICIOUS. The fish is so fresh! which is duH.. because its newly "caught" from its fish tank and killed and cooked. Humaize refused to sit facing the fish tank because he will feel uncomfortable and can't eat. Delusional. Butter prawns are good but too bad not v.fresh. Can tell that they are fried in planta. Will ask mum to do that as well. Hee...
Bought lots of milk and snacks back to hotel.

9pm: Time to open one of the bottles the guys bought here. 2 red and 1 champagne. Hmm.. red first.

9.40am: Breakfast: Yuck... but what the hell.. its free. *shrugs* Alrighty! Time for tanning session again!

3pm: (in bathroom staring at naked self in preparation to bathe) is turning red.. but nevermind as long as I have my tan, no pain no gain! *furiously slathers mosturiser to prevent peeling*

8pm: Monopoly!!! Where's my Toto! Call me Dorothy! Let's build a house~~~ Let's build a dream~~~ Let's make a wish toGether~~~~

9.3oam: Fabian and Maize are still sleeping and refused to wake up for breakfast. Pigs. Nevermind, will go ALONE. Maybe can spy cute guy eating breakfast and me being ALONE eating will induced HIM to be the gallent gentleman and accompany me for breakfast. Afterwards will go walk on the beach.. go horseback riding.. and share a passionate spine tingling toe curling kiss in the view of the sunset. Ahhh...

10am: No cute guys anywhere in sight.Hmph.

10.30am: Tanning! Fabian and Maize still in bed. Pigs..

4.20pm: Fabian suggest walking to the town for dinner, receptionist says it will take around half and hour to walk there. Fine.

4.30pm: Ooohhh.. monkeys!

4.50pm: Why are we nowhere near the town??? Omigod.. the sun is so hot... my skin is burning... ahhhh....

5.20pm: What half an hour?!!?!?!! It took freaking 1 hour ok! 1 freaking hour!!! I didn't wear socks with my sports shoes.. ahhh.. feet is starting to give me problems. Adidas is not a v.good brand for tough walking.

6.30pm: sooo fulllll...yet another satisfying meal. The walk back seems sooo forboding for my feet.

7.20pm: Shit.. feet is painful. Limping my way back for the rest 10mins walk.

7.30pm: Jump into the pool right away since have my swim gear on.. ahh.. the cool water feels good on my buring skin and sore feet.

9pm: Beer beer beer!!! Ahhh... nothing like an ice cold beer at night.

12am: Tv and oh that look good what is th..Zzzzzzz...

9.45am:Breakfast: Alone again.

10.30am: Tanning!

12am: (stares at naked self at bathroom) looking red...ouch this is really sore...

12.30am: walks down beach with Measure to Measure and bottle of water in hand

2pm: Walk back to room and got stop by Din on beach, (guy who is in charge of water sports section with really really nice body). Din offered to teach me surfing but I do not know how to swim so nah.

2.30pm: Fabian and Maize are finally AWAKE. Went to tan again. Must not waste the sunlight! Althought front is red like lobster but back still needs work.

4pm: I feel cold. Needs to stop. Hmm.. back looks fairly darker already! Yippe!

6.30pm: Time to head to town for dinner again! First, to the place next to Jun's for their fantastic chicken meatloaf and egg.. something which is noth marvellicious. Then to Jun's for their amazing fish, sweet and sour and steamed. Fabian and Maize does not really cared for steamed fish and prefer the fried one so I get to eat most the the former. Yum!

8.30am: Back to hotel and straight to their seafood restaurant for crabs! Pepper and butter ones! The butter ones are disappointing.. but pepper ones are great.
I feel soooooooo fulllllllll....Burrrrrp

9pm: Beer and pool! A fantastic combi! I kick Fabian's ass in pool and won most of the time in the finger guessing game. Take that! Hah!

12am: Went down to beach coz some people are playing with fireworks! Lovely! Talk to Din.

1am: Mahjong~~~!!!

3am: Pong...chi... ahhh.. tired... sleep lah

10am: Breakfast with Maize, Fabian the pig is sleeping. Hmm.. should I go tanning one last time?

10.30am: Nah, will pack and furthermore skin is already quite delicate to touch. Will not torture skin further.

1am: Check out! Stayed at hotel lounge to eat lunch while waiting for 2pm transport to get onto 3.30pm ferry ride.

4pm: Back in Singapore!


Fuck! I've gained 2kg!!


Am going to go get my new dog, a beagle later at 3pm. Haven't thought of any names for it yet so any suggestions? Its a bitch (meaning female) by the way. One good one is by Joann who suggested naming her Britney Spears so when I holler for her I can go.. " Britney! Britney Spears!!! Where are you? Come here you Bitch!!" ..aptly without it being a real insult which I feel is a pretty funny name as well.


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