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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Doggy madness

Its been two days since I bought the beagle home and I am exhausted. Miss Snuffles have energy 10 times of 10 energizer bunny and the poop...arrghh.

This is Miss Snuffles:

Summary of number of times it pooped and peed:
Sunday: pooped :1 peed:1
Monday: pooped :3 peed :5
Tuesday (up to current time) : pooped 1 peed 2

Number of times I cleaned up the mess: pooped :4 peed: 7
(Dad helped cleaned up pooped on the morning and Mum, the pee just now so I managed to take a break.)

I had envisionised going for morning jogs at the nearby park with it trottering by my side but alas it is not to be. Beagles have a mind of their own and likes to sniff and once they catch a scent that they like they will pursue it ignoring frantic screams of "come back!!! come back!!"thus not advisable to unleash it anywhere in an unconfined area. Also, by past experience of walking her.. oops I mean of her walking me...I had to literally drag her to get her to walk the route that I want.. my hand are now so rough from gripping and yanking the rope of Miss Snuffles's leash.

...But all and all, other than the pooping, peeing and barking, she's adorable. A real social butterfly in fact. Everyone is a friend, no one is to be held in contempt and too easily "dognapped" if it is actually because it just follows anyone holding its leash.

Did I mentioned that it loves flirting with cute guys as well? Utterly shameless. Hahaha...

..The past two days has past by in a whirlwind of nasty clean ups and endless obligatory walks till the extend that I have simply no time for myself! ..feeling brain dead actually, which hopefully explains the sterile, needs anal probing to induce any form of excitment writing.

Needs.... to go ..out..*desperation starts settling in at disturbingly fast pace*

*hears pitter patter of tiny feet on corridor outside*

"No... no.. noooooooooo!!!!"

Holds head in hand and starts dashing head against wall.

I will so reconsider the idea of having children in the future.


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