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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A New lease of life and love

I've met a person last night who ended a 7 year relationship.

She's french and 31 this year so that makes her 25 when she first started the relationship. Imagine her distraught when it was over...but this is not the point of it all. Her mentality for relationships is what that impressed upon me the most.

Cherish the moment and let go when its time to.

Indulge yourself in everything or anyone who have come your way and live in that, even if it is just one month, one day, one night. Its only with unrestricted abandonment that one can truly live and feel. Feel all that was given. When its over, move on and appreciate the things that happened and that you've experienced with the other person.

Even though the person may not be giving all that you want, that does not mean they have not given all they could have given. That is just basically all they could have give you and appreciate that.

I protested, "But to indulge without attachment and to free yourself easily from it is something that come with experience and trials is it not? Not everyone can do that."

My query was met with dead air and Fadly,my boss said simply, "Sam, we've all reached that stage already."

..meaning all the people present at that table, well, except me which was not surprising seeing that the youngest person sitting there with us other than yours truly is already 28.

I do agree with the theory actually. By letting go of possessiveness and jealously just means avoiding bringing unneccessary troubles to oneself. The stronger you try to grasp on to something the more expectations and frustration one would feel. If its meant to work out, it will without one having to hold on so badly. One should concentrate on the happiness that one experience then dwell in doubts and sadness and ruining a lovely memory with cautiousness.

I still am not able to do that, but I would like to eventually.


Work. :)

Yesterday was the first day, and I was placed being the hostess. Well, to sum it all up, all I did was to take care of the reservations, lead the guests to their tables and talk to them, but will be a server once I got my uniform coz they hired a full time hostess thus my hostess services are not needed anymore. It was alright.

That was not the highlight though. Highlight of it all is to be able to talk to the different people from different countries.. plus also discovering my desire of wanting more as I speak to them. Throughout the months, a change has come over me, I need to move up, to be serious, to work hard and to succeed. Looking at the people coming to wine and dine, a sense of disagreement grips me.

I want the job, the life, independence, the pride with myself. I need to succeed.

Discontentment with what I have is the source to all this feelings I have.

I need to work hard.


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