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Monday, January 22, 2007

What a year..

Its time again for the annual blog. Right now its 9.34pm, 22nd of January 2007 and I have started on one of my so call wish list... not resolutions.. because I can never bear to resolute on them.

.. to resolute makes the whole experience seem so serious and so harsh on myself. I prefer to slowly slide into my wish list and suprise myself whenever I have accomplish what I always think I will reso... oops.. what I will do when I am free from twiddling my thumbs after job and finish imagining crotching my lovely warm yellow sweater to keep warm in my old old age.

A lovely pat on the back will be suffice with a pleased smile on my face will surface once I finish this entry. I have finally after thinking it for the past one year.. change my blogskin, slap on a tagboard, figure out how to add my friends and written my whole wonderful experience of it!

This is such a lovely cause of celebration.

Have I not feel so sleepy now I think I will add some pictures in to further my triumph!



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