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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm sick today.. writing finally to gain some sympathy from my friends.. *angelic smile*

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Have arrived in Shanghai since 9th March.. guess that makes around 2 months for me to write my first "From Shanghai with Love" entry..

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First things first.. I really want to thank all of you who send me off that day, it was a big thing for me and I really love the little things that you guys make.

My room..
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The lovely gifts in full display in my room..
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My entertainment..
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But really, I really love all the letters, little gifts, those handmade items, the little notes, the 2 books, all the photos, everything... it really brings me a lot of comfort to see those items in my room and it really does brings me solace whenever I start to feel a tad lonely.. thank god I bought a laptop!! :)

Xiayan,Wati,Jolyn, Ali,Mariam,Helaine,Wanru,Brandon, GQ, guys are great and I love you all for that. Sammi promise everyone will get their very own fake branded something when I come back... hurhurhur..

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Summarising what I have done so far..
1. Eat

Honestly if you think that Shanghai stuff is cheap due to the currancy.. think again. The food here is great ..ok and cheap, you can get a ok meal for 5rmb (currancy conversion 1SIN to 5RMB).. but the shopping.. what can I say, the clothes found here are fantastic, the endless variety.. the different clothes I get to wear due to the 4 seasons.. its simply great! BUT man, are the clothes here expensive!

One good example, one dress with no label that I think I can get (if they do seel it in Singapore) for around $50, they sell it for twice the price. I'm broke every month mainly due to my shopping trips alone... not good.

Wana see how I look like now?

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Look at how chubby I've become!! heh... its bad.. but don't worry, after one full month of gorging on the delicious food here and subsequently bursting my jeans... I have maintained some self control now.. hopefully. I promise I'l try not to be a pig when I return. :)

Overall Shanghai has been good to me. They have every entertainment and leisure activities a girl needs here.

But there is this one thing that really ahem.. "puzzles" me here.. (yes there is a need to be diplomatic)

The spitting is expected I guess so if someone does it in front of you, well, you just look the other way.. but nothing prepares me for this:

"Please throw the toilet paper into the waste basket. Do not flush it down the tolet bowl. Thank you."

Imagine, going into a toilet that is cramp and the waste basket is overflowing.. its really bad.

I guess the only motivation of such a thing is to prevet blockage in the pipes? I really don't know.

Oh and I met Helaine at the airport the other day!

Funny Helaine
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She just emailed me.. may be staying with me over the weekend on the 14th and 15th.. wil take loads of photos... :)

Oh yea.. congrats to the happy couples WK & JO and Brandon and Rachael.

So my leaving makes cupid works harder ehh? ;P

Take care!

Oh yes... p.s.s: I heart all of you. Xiayan, Especially you.


Blogger Saklasthefool said...

:D the paper is not supposed to be going south into the bowl~

- they usually use a weaker water pressure for flushing

- they used thinner pipes for the waste products

thus, if you do throw those paper into the bowl...try not to use the same toilet next time...

what would happen?
the poor bowl will choke and puke out its content...with you sitting on it...


11:04 PM  

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